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Economic media calls on Presidential Council and ... More

 SEMC called on the Presidential Leadership Council and the government to fulfil the pledges and urgent reforms that would halt the fall of the Yemeni riyal and end the continuous rise of prices since the outbreak of the war in March 2015.

Similar Situation and Different Value In Sanaa an ... More

The Yemeni war is in its eighth year amid signs of hope for a long-awaited peace following the humanitarian truce announced by the United Nations on the 2nd of last April, and renewed to 2nd of August, amid varying commitment by the parties to the conflict.

This tru

An economic report on the war economy and new mil ... More

The annual economic report, entitled "Yemeni Economy of 2021: The War Economy and the New Millionaires," describes this phenomenon as a direct result of the catastrophic war that made Yemen the most humanly suffering country globally. The war has turned into an important means to enrich a new cl

Tax and customs levies is another aspect of war ... More

Over the last seven years, the dual tax and customs policy measures in Yemen have contributed to the emergence of negative repercussions on the overall economic activity, and the failure to deposit these resources in the correct and legal outlets of state public treasury. These resources are wid