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Yemen Economic Indicators November 2018 ... More

The Yemen Economic Indicators Report, November 2018 monitors the most important developments in commodity prices, exchange rate of riyals and prices of oil derivatives. It summarizes the most important developments of Yemeni economy and private sector.

Fall of the Yemeni Rial: Yemen Economic Indicator ... More

Prices of basic commodities in Yemen continued to rise during the month of October, despite the slight upward trend of Yemeni rial. Average  increase in commodity prices was 12% compared to September. The capital Sana’a had the highest increase o

Policy Paper on Parallel Market and CBY Monitorin ... More


“Recovering the role of commercial banks in financing imports , Controlling the Cash Supply , and Attracting and investing migrants’ remittances “ these are three alternatives solutions

Yemen Economic Indicators Report September 2018 ... More

Yemen Economic Indicators Report September 2018

Economic Media: Yemeni Employees Lose One-third of Monthly Salary within a Single Month