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An initiative to address the monetary fragmentat ... More

The Economic Reform Team (ERT) in Yemen launched an initiative to defuse the escalating crisis between the "internationally recognized" CBY in Aden and the Central Bank in Sana'a. This initiative aimed to find a mechanism to resolve the problem, including a positive response to the decision of t

Proposals for Developing Investment Climate in Ad ... More

The Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC) presented proposals and recommendations for the development of the investment environment in Aden governorate through the publication "Analysis of the investment climate and investment opportunities in Aden governorate", which aims to identi

Private Sector Initiative to Address Transportati ... More


ERT Launches Initiative to Alleviate Transportation Barriers in Yemen

The Economic Reform Team (ERT) announced today an initiative to address transport challenges in Yemen, including opening major roads, airports and seapo

SEMC Proposes Approach to Economic Solution and S ... More

The Studies and Economic Media Center issued a position paper on Yemen's peace negotiations and the scenarios of economic resolution considering the country’ current development, to move towards a comprehensive peace agreement in accordance with the road map announced by the UN special env