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SEMC Release new report: The Flames of Conflict Reach The 0il Fields In The East

Dec - 29 - 2022   Download The Version

Oil is ushering in a new stage of the conflict in Yemen. The Houthi group’s threats turned into drone assaults to halt any oil export from the territories controlled by the Yemeni government, and the tensions that followed the blockage of the possibility of renewing the UN armistice took an unusu- al turn. The government and the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which serves as its principal backer, may gingerly approach the numerous unsolved political, military, and economic concerns. Since the Houthi group continues to refuse to answer foreign calls, there are no signs that any actions have been taken to stop the attacks. The group continues to ignore international demands to stop attacking that crucial area of sovereign territory. Additionally, their leaders claim that they have no intention of doing it.

The effects of the forced suspension of oil exports will impact the entire nation rather than just the territories under the control of the legitimate government. This is the process we intend to put you through as we discuss the current state of oil exports in this bulletin. It also refers to Yemen’s production levels since the outbreak of the war and the position of the oil producing sectors.

It is a different course of action that places the nation on a hot tin roof where Yemenis bear the brunt of everything that occurs. There is no sign that the sides to the dispute will try to halt the war, which has affected every element of Yemeni society!