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The Private Sector’s Initiative to Address Transp ... More

Frequent and random checkpoints from local authorities and barriers that physically halt the flow of people and goods contribute to the battles of Yemen’s “Yemen conflict.”  Hardly a day goes by without shipments of goods being looted or intercepted by rogue forces, injury

An initiative to unify the monetary policies to d ... More

Verily, the eight-year long war in Yemen has caused major disruptions in all aspects of life. The economic aspect primarily has had the major share; whereas public institutions and revenues have been divided amongst the parties of conflict. Economy is, unfortunately, used as a tool in the confli

SEMC Release new report: The Flames of Conflict R ... More

Oil is ushering in a new stage of the conflict in Yemen. The Houthi group’s threats turned into drone assaults to halt any oil export from the territories controlled by the Yemeni government, and the tensions that followed the blockage of the possibility of renewing the UN armistice took a

Economic media calls on Presidential Council and ... More

 SEMC called on the Presidential Leadership Council and the government to fulfil the pledges and urgent reforms that would halt the fall of the Yemeni riyal and end the continuous rise of prices since the outbreak of the war in March 2015.